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The Menahga School District exists to engage all learners on a life-long path to success.


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CHART a course that HONORS the past and ENVISIONS the future.


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Welcome to a new year of opportunities at the Menahga School!


Greetings all! If you have driven by the school in the last few months you will have noticed the new building still looks like a construction site. Contractors are working in all areas every week to ensure we will be in on time and ready to educate our students! And now for the big question, when will the new building be ready to move into? This has been a moving target, but we are now being told by Vercon, our construction managers, staff can move in on August 19th. There is a flurry of work going on right now, and I will have a more definitive answer after our walk-through with the building inspector on Thursday, August 8th. Will the building be perfect and 100% complete when we are moving in? Probably not. Will it be safe and functional to educate students? Yes, or we can't move in. We will need to continue to be flexible moving forward but the areas in use will all meet safety and occupancy requirements. On behalf of all of our students and staff, I would repeat the huge thank you to the entire community for the support. There is a map of the entire building inside the school newsletter and on our website for your reference.

We are also doing some other upgrades this summer. The east parking lot is in the process of complete replacement and expansion. The elementary boiler has been replaced. We are ordering new room signs and will be renumbering all existing rooms to align with the new building. The new room numbers will soon become the phone extensions.

Once again, I want to thank you for the privilege of working with your kids. We take the responsibility of providing the best and safest educational opportunities for the children you entrust us with us very seriously. We work diligently to provide for the needs of all students. Offering a wide variety of options in learning and providing them with the support they need to be successful. This includes continuing to offer free lunch and breakfast to all students. To maintain the “free meals for all” program we must have the lunch forms in by October. We again ask all families to fill out the lunch application every year. Please read the article in our newsletter and complete the form regarding this specific program. 

As always, communication between home and school is very important. Please visit our website and Facebook page for current school news. It is our hope that the information in the newsletter will answer many of the questions you may have. If you have further questions, please contact the appropriate office for your needs.


As always, please take time to read to your children and grandchildren early in their lives and often. Set aside a special place for reading and homework that is free of distractions like television, telephone, and video games. A child’s ability to read is an amazing predictor of their success in school and in their adult lives. Don’t forget about keeping their bodies healthy too. It is recommended that you schedule time every day for at least sixty minutes of active play or exercise for your children.


We are looking forward to a great year!



Kevin Wellen, Superintendent



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