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2021 Menahga Bands Spring Concert with Tribute to Senior Class of 2021
As Mrs Beth Hahn, our band director shared,  "Although you will see me directing the groups, Mr. Upton has been working single handedly for the last two months to prepare our six different bands for this performance. He deserves the credit for this concert- a huge thank you to Mr. Upton and congratulations on your new baby! Also a big thank you to Mrs. Hodge for teaching my guitar class for the last two months. On top of the many challenges we have all faced this year, Mrs. Hodge and Mr. Upton were tasked with doing the jobs of three teachers this spring. 

Most importantly, please make sure to congratulate the music students in band and choir on their performances. We are so lucky to have been making music in person all year and thankful to have the opportunity for any performances! That said, it's not the same as putting on a live concert. It will mean a lot to the students to hear feedback and encouragement from you. We're so proud of what we have accomplished in the music program this year and we are excited to see what next year holds!"

To  view  the video on our youtube channel click HERE.