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Minnesota School Sealant Program  

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The School Sealant Program not only provides dental care to children but also increases learning opportunities. Instead of missing a few hours of school to go to a dental office, we can provide sealants in 15 minutes just down the hall. By preventing cavities with sealants, kids will also avoid frequent tooth pain that can be a huge distraction from learning.

Consent forms - Your school’s lead coordinator for the school sealant program will send out a consent form for parents to fill out. Please return this form to your school’s lead coordinator once it is filled out. Without this form, the student will be unable to benefit from the dental care offered. An online form can be found at:

For ONLINE consent form, click HERE.

Information for the kids 

Your child may ask about what to expect on the School Sealant Program day. There are three services we will be providing: teeth cleaning, sealants and fluoride varnish.  Parents elect which services their child receives. Here are a few ways that you can help them understand what is going to happen. 

First, you can tell kids that we will have tooth fairies that will be looking at their teeth. For sealants, we paint the grooves of their back teeth and then shine a blue light to make the sealants last. For fluoride, we paint a protective coating over the outside of all their teeth. We strive to keep everything fun and lighthearted, making it a positive experience for everyone