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Annual Health Update Form
Dear Parent/Guardian
Please complete the Annual Health Information Update for your child. Include any life threatening health problems or serious medical conditions that could pose a risk for your child during the school day or at extra-curricular activities. Return this from to your child's school for review by the school nurse.
Additional forms required depending on student needs: * Authorization to Administer Medication - For ALL PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION and K-5 over-the-counter medication. * Over-the-counter Non-Prescription - Students in Grades 6-12 for over-the-counter medication only (Complete Online or Submit Paper Copy) * Asthma Action Plan * Allergy Action Plan * Seizure Action Plan * Diabetes Management Plan * Special Diet for Students With or Without Disability
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Asthma Action Plan
Seizure Action Plan
Special Diet Statement
Authorization for Administration of Medication
Diabetes Medical Management Plan
Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan