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Sports and Events Calendar
School Year 2019-2020

The Wellness Committee applied for, and received, two grants to aid in our physical education and dietary education efforts. Action for Healthy Kids awarded Menahga Schools with $1000.00 and Fuel Up to Play 60 awarded a $4,000.00. These grants have have made it possible to provide a variety of wellness activities for our students.

The wellness committee plans to offer taste tests throughout the year, in hopes that students will be exposed to new fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food choices. Our first taste test this year included mango smoothies and roasted squash. The students enjoyed trying these healthy orange foods, and there were a lot of requests for more smoothies! 

A breakfast cart was purchased with some of the funds, and has already been serving as a "second chance" spot for unwanted/unopened foods and milks during breakfast in the Cafenasium. We also used the cart to display and serve the smoothies during the taste test. 

With the remaining funds from both grants, we were able to purchase 30 new pairs of snowshoes to be used during physical education classes, recess, and before or after school. 

If you are interested in joining the wellness committee, or volunteering to help during wellness events, please contact Stephanie Ness, School Nurse at (218) 564-4141 x.1202 or