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The Mission of Menahga School District #821 is to provide opportunities for all students to become active life-long learners with the necessary competencies, skills, understandings, and values to contribute to and succeed in a changing society.
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Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year. 

Welcome to a new year of opportunities at the Menahga School!

It is not a secret that our student population has mushroomed by 36% over the past ten years and is projected to continue to grow in the foreseeable future. Such growth is a both blessing and a curse. The blessing is the numbers are now at a point where we can offer a wide variety of sustainable programs for all students. We are also now at the point that we will have three schools within our program. The elementary will include preK-grade 4; the middle school will be grades 5-8 and the high school will be grades 9-12. This building alignment is allowing programming to develop according to the developmental and cognitive ability of the students. Each of these buildings is in the process of creating their own identity and their own goals which will be unique to the needs of their students. As a result of this growth, we have been working to find space for students. When you combine all of this with the strong performance our students, we have become a district of choice in the area to the point where we have had to cap open enrollment. This will slow our growth, but we will continue to add 30 students to our high school each of the next four years. Hence the curse is the growing pains we feel as we try to fit all of these students into a building that was never built to accommodate over 1000 students. This means we will continue to feel this space crunch. The District is working with FJJ, a consulting company to determine the next course of action as we look to the future of our District. Most recently, after using every available space, we have had to become creative. In order to convert some of our computer labs into general classroom space, we have purchased enough laptops for all high school students on campus to have their own refurbished laptop. If they pay their fees and do not have an insurance claim they will be able to purchase their laptop at its depreciated value when they graduate. (After 4 years, we expect this to be about $50.) There will be more to come on this initiative at the open house. Grades K-8 will still have iPads and we will have laptop labs on carts for the middle school. 

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