Mission Statement

The Mission of Menahga School District #821 is to provide opportunities for all students to become active life-long learners with the necessary competencies, skills, understandings, and values to contribute to and succeed in a changing society.



Menahga School District is selling 2 bundles of used vintage 10 x 14.5 inch, 6 compartment, beige, school lunch trays, “as is”, for each bundle, to the highest bidder.  Bundle #1 is 313 Zylon brand trays, minimum bid $156.50.  Bundle #2 is 67 Cambro brand trays, minimum bid of $33.50.  You can view a photo of the trays on the school’s website www.menahga.k12.mn.us ; on our Facebook page; or at the District office.  Sealed bid must include your name, address, phone number, bundle #, and the dollar amount of your bid. The sealed envelope must be marked “school lunch tray bid for bundle #1 or 2” and are due in the District office at 216 Aspen Ave SE, PO Box 160, Menahga, MN by 12:00 noon on Thursday, April 14, 2016.  The buyer will be responsible for removal of all trays by May 27, 2016.  The district reserves the right to reject any and all bids. 

The Minnesota Student Survey (MSS) is a triennial survey of Minnesota students in grades 5, 8, 9 and 11 regarding a variety of risk and protective factors.
The survey asks young people questions about their activities, opinions, behaviors and experiences. The survey is administered in schools, alternative learning centers and juvenile correctional facilities across Minnesota. The purpose of the survey is to provide data for program planning and evaluation, meet state and federal student survey requirements, address relevant issues confronting students, mark trends over time and involve schools/other educational settings statewide and provide data for local use.

Menahga students in grades 5,8, 9 and 11 are asked to take the MSS in March 2016. Federal law requires that parents be notified of this school activity. There are frank questions on the survey about many topics relating to young people’s lives. These include the use of alcohol or other drugs, safety in and around the school, physical activity and nutrition, mental or emotional health (stress, feeling bad), illegal or anti-social behavior (theft, chemical use, fighting) and if religious beliefs affect personal decisions. Questions are asked only of 9th and 11th grade students regarding sexual behavior and attitudes. If students are not involved in an activity, they skip the related questions and go on to the next section. The survey also asks about how well school is going, future plans, how adolescents spend their time and about how the school, family and community support them.

The survey is anonymous and confidential. Students do not provide their names, student identification numbers or other personal information. No individuals or families can be identified. The results are reported on the school district’s students as a whole. The privacy of the students is protected.

The survey is voluntary. You may choose to have your son or daughter not take the survey by contacting Jennifer Berg at 564-4141 x 324 orjberg@menahga.k12.mn.us. Students may decline to take any part of the survey or the whole survey and are informed of that option by staff.  Parents and guardians are welcome to review a copy of the survey.

Survey administration dates are as follows-

March 9, 2016 --9th grade survey administration

March 15, 216—5th grade survey administration

March 16, 2016--8th grade survey administration

March 17, 2016—11th grade survey administration



Are you 55+?  This course will save you 10% on your auto insurance for 3 years.  No written or behind-the-wheel tests.  Classes will be held in the Menahga High School Media Center, enter door #1 on the east side of the building, first hallway to the right, room #380.  All classes run from 6 to 10 pm.  Instructor:  Ron Honga.  To register contact Menahga School at 218-564-4141 ext 4 or MN Highway Safety Research Center at 1-888-234-1294 or online atwww.mnsafetycenter.org

FULL COURSE, 8 HOURS, $24, March 3 & 4, 2016 

REFRESHER, 4 HOURS, $20, March 7, 2016 or May 9, 2016

We are looking for a few more people to sign up for the full course this week - If you are interested, sign up today.  Thanks


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4-H Project Day


Are you 55+?  This course will save you 10% on your auto insurance for 3 years.  No written or behind-the-wheel tests. Classes will be held in the Menahga High School Media Center, enter door #1 on the east side of the building, first hallway to the right, room #380.  All classes run from 6 to 10 pm. Instructor:  Ron Honga.  To register contact Menahga School at218-564-4141 ext 4 or MN Highway Safety Research Center at1-888-234-1294 or online at www.mnsafetycenter.org

FULL COURSE, 8 HOURS, $24, March 3 & 4, 2016 

REFRESHER, 4 HOURS, $20, March 7, 2016 or May 9, 2016

About Our School

The Menahga Public Schools consists of three schools under one roof. The building is a Pre K-12 facility with classrooms, labs, gymnasiums, and other study areas. The schools are connected and many of our older students work as teacher's assistants and help the younger students creating a beneficial learning environment for all.

In an age of financial uncertainty, our district maintains a secure funding which allows us to keep classroom sizes small and maintain both core educational programs and extra curricular activities at little or no cost to our families.

Our school now houses just under 1000 students school wide within the three schools. The buildings are connected making a unique community of students working with each other to achieve their academic goals.

Menahga focuses on the importance of educating our youth with a well-rounded curriculum to provide them with the life long skills needed in today's changing world and for their future. As society changes, we adjust our curriculum to meet the needs of students moving forward in their lives.

If you are considering the Menahga Schools for your children, feel free to contact us for a tour of the school facilities and look at the offerings available. Click on tabs above to find links related to our curriculum, activities and events happening in our school. We encourage you to keep an open dialogue with our staff and office personnel to help with meeting the needs to help your student succeed. We offer several communication tools to maintain a dialogue at your convenience; e-mail, Skyward (Family Access), Instant Alert systems, voice mail and for the fun side of school, visit and "like" our Facebook page.

Are your SkyAlert settings current? Be sure to log in to Skyward to update your settings for text messages, e-mails and phone messages. Skyward accesses grades, accounts and messaging systems. Click here for further instructions.

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